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So I’ve done the unthinkable yesterday. Instead of hiking the 2400 meters up to the Glüngezer Hütte I took the chairlift, cutting the hike short to only 600 meters of ascent. Please let me explain:

I woke up feeling nauseous and very, very tired. It soon became clear to me that hiking up 2400 meter was a bad idea so I gave in and planned to take the chairlift alternative. As checkout neared my condition worsened and I expected to vomit any moment. At this point Alex, who is a nurse, gave me a wonderpill to prevent this. Possible side effects: a little fatigue.

The pill didn’t quite cause me to leave the Matrix but I got pretty close. I fell asleep on the train back to Hall, on the bus up to the chairlift and nearly fell asleep while hiking up to the hut. Yes, while hiking. Every step up the mountain was a mental battle. Having to take three breaths for every step it felt like I was climbing Everest without oxygen. I went into a deep dark place I’m not sure I’d like to visit again. I didn’t vomit once though, so the pill definitely worked. Luckily the entire group was there to support me, I really appreciate it and I wouldn’t have made it without you guys so thanks!

After reaching the hut I went to sleep, only to wake up for dinner (a light soup) after which I immediately went to bed again.

When I woke up today a miracle had happened: I felt well again. Not a 100%, but enough for the 8,5 hour day to the Lizumer Hütte. When we stepped outside the hut the temperature was 4 degrees Celsius and there was fog blowing around us. I was happy I packed my gloves!

Visibility remained limited throughout the day but the last two hours the fog lifted somewhat to show us this Scottish landscape.

Scottish landscape on the way to the Lizumer Hütte along the Dreamway
Scottish landscape on the way to the Lizumer Hütte

On the whole, it was a good day and I was happy to be on the mend. The weather is also set to improve over the next few days, so cheers to that!

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  • JC de Jager-Langbroek

    Lieve kees, hoogteziekte of toch een beestje gevangen? Geef aub dag of datum, ik raak de volgorde kwijt (ligt aan mij natuurlijk, oud, verward etc). Sterkte, veel plezier, OJ

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