Cavallino 12th of August   The group lost a member. As Anthony, Jenny, Elena and I enjoyed our well deserved
Belluno August the 6th   After Aleghe the Dreamway follows the Alta Via I through the Dolomites all the way
Aleghe July the 31st There are many ways to Rome, or Venice. This one is full of sweat, blisters, pain
Sometimes everything unexpectedly falls into place. It is these moments that you'll later look back on when you're at home
Today Anthony and I crossed the border into Italy. So far, there's not much of a culture shock. In fact,
So I've done the unthinkable yesterday. Instead of hiking the 2400 meters up to the Glüngezer Hütte I took the
It's been 5 days since my last post but it might well be 5 years. Instead of limping towards the
Despite the guidebook insisting today and yesterday were 'easy', pain is the name of the game right now. A stabbing
As I'm writing this I'm sitting in the train toward Munich nursing a medium sized hangover due to sleep deprivation
Welcome to the my travel journal. Starting from summer 2018, I'll document my personal experiences along the trail on this