Ascent: 250 Descent: 1050 Time: 5hr The last stage is one of the highlights of the GR20. As you descend
Ascent: 450 Descent: 950 Time: 6hr 30min Again, there are two ways to get to Refuge d' I Paliri. The
Ascent: 1000 meter Descent: 1250 meter Time: 7hr There are two variants of this stage. The old GR20 crosses the
Ascent: 1300 Descent: 850 Time: 7hr 30min This is a long stage with various ascents and some scrambling. Even though
Ascent: 300 meter Descent: 600 meter Time: 4hr There are two ways to Bocca di Verdi. The high level variant
Ascent: 1000 meter Descent: 350 meter Time: 5hr The Southern part of the GR20 is on the whole much easier
Ascent: 650 meter Descent: 1200 meter Time: 6hr This is a very pretty stage along the shoulders of the solitary
Ascent: 500 meter Descent: 900 Time: 5hr This day feels like a day off, with two alternatives. There is a
Ascent: 1000 meter Descent: 750 meter Time: 6hr 30min Though harder than the previous stage, stage 7 is relatively easy
Ascent: 650 meter Descent: 500 meter Time: 5hr 15min Stage 6 is an easy but beautiful hike, with no difficult