Stage 11: To Bocca di Verdi

  • Ascent: 300 meter
  • Descent: 600 meter
  • Time: 4hr

There are two ways to Bocca di Verdi. The high level variant via the summit of the solitary Monte Renoso and the low-level main GR20. The high level variant is strenuous hike over rough and steep terrain that takes 7-8 hours to complete. The low-level, main GR20 described here is an easy countour hike that offers ample opportunity to take a cold dive in one the of streams along the trail.

Monte Renoso sits high above the GR20
View from Monte Renoso. Photo taken by Sjoukje de Lange.

This stage continues the forrest hike from yesterday but it has it’s own distinct character. Oaks are replaced by mighty Laricio pines and there are many streams to cross. Towards the end of the day you cross the Plateau the Gialgone which offers a very charming scenery on it’s own. Throughout the day there are spectacular views down the valley. Just as yesterday, there is plenty of time to sleep out in the morning. Try to savour this easy day, for tomorrow the GR20 returns to the high mountains!

Laricio pines on the GR20
Mighty Laricio pines tower above the valley

Bocca di Verdi is a forrested mountain pass with a restaurant. Beneath the restaurant there is a campground with showers and proper toilets. The campsite also has very luxorious hammocks perfectly situated in the shade! There is no cooking gear present but luckily the restaurant offers a good meal without the need to break the bank.

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