A rocky start

I also made a video of this trip! Check it out to see what the GR20 is all about!

The GR20 rocks! Literally. There’s rocks everywhere. They’re under your foot, in your shoes and most crucially underneath your matress when you try to sleep. Not that I’m complaining though. It makes for an awesome scenery to hike/scramble/struggle through. The trail often leaves you wondering: how did they find a route through this!?

Corsica itself feels exotic in every single way. The starry nights, the sunblasted rocks, the jagged peaks reaching up to the sky and the smell of your socks when you take off your boots.

How did they find a way through this?

It’s been three days since we started, but somehow it feels much longer. I never knew that you could get so much out of one day. Wake at five, hike at six, finish at noon. Drink a coke, eat. Take a refreshing/bone-shattering cold shower. Eat some more. Have a wine, then another one. Eat more. Play cards. Watch sunset at nine, go to sleep. Repeat.

Sunset at Ortu di u Piobbu, the first hut

Right now I’m in hiker heaven: the ski resort of Haute Asco. It has a tiny shop, a bar and a restaurant. There’s hot showers and all the food you can eat. Tonight Luuk and I dine at the restaurant with some English, French and Canadian friends. Together we’re going to do a solid attempt at eating everything they have in stock.

In the meantime, I’m killing time writing this blog and watching other hikers arrive in varying stages of exhaustion. Life’s pretty good right now. Cheers!

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