Stage 5: To Hôtel Castel di Vergio

  • Ascent: 850 meter
  • Descent: 850 meter
  • Time: 6hr

This is the last hard stage of the GR20. After this, most of the hard work is done and you will find your fitness level increasing. Even though the Cicerone Guidebook presents this stage as quite easy there is plenty of climbing over rought terrain and distance before Hôtel Castel di Vergio is reached.

The day starts out easy enough, contouring through ancient pine south facing slope towards Bocca di Foggiale. An early start is again adviseable, as anyone starting late will soon advice how powerful the Corsican sun really is!

Looking down from Bocca di Foggiale on the GR20
Looking down from Bocca di Foggiale

After reaching Bocca di Foggiale you traverse underneath the slopes of Paglia Orba (Corsica’s third highest mountain) before reaching Refuge de Ciottulu di I Mori. From here on you drop down to the Golo river below. You’ll follow this river all the way down the valley, a long hike. This part of the GR20 feels particularly long.

Golo River along the GR20
Following the Golo river down the valley along the GR20

After crossing the Golo river for the final time on a footbridge you stil have some ways to go to finally reach Hôtel Castel di Vergio. Unfortunately this section has countless confusing waymarks, and missing a turn is easy. Odds are you emerge on the road somewhere below Castel di Vergio and a short road hike is required before you can finally rest your legs.

Hôtel Castel di Vergio is a hotel restaurant with rooms, dorms, a campground with cooking facilities and has a shop which offers freshly baked bread (awesome!). Beware for the foxes however that plague the campground at night! They will bite through your tent and backpack to reach your food, sleeping inside in a dorm is therefore recommended.

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