Stage 6: To Refuge de Manganu

  • Ascent: 650 meter
  • Descent: 500 meter
  • Time: 5hr 15min

Stage 6 is an easy but beautiful hike, with no difficult terrain to cross. After a contour through the forest high above the valley floor there is a long but fairly easy climb up to Bocca â Reta. Soon after you will encounter Unesco heritage site Lac du Ninu, a lake from which numerous small streams flow, some not much more than 20cm across. Lac du Ninu is surrounded by lush grasslands and ancient trees further down the valley. On a hot day the lake looks very inviting!

Lac du Ninu on the GR20
The lush and beautiful Lac du Ninu

A gentle downhill hike follows, partly through open grasslands, partly through ancient forrest. Along the way are some bergeries where real Corsican meat and cheese is sold. One sight to behold are the countless Pozzines, small streams crossing the valley floor.

Pozzines on the GR20 to Refugde de Manganu
Pozzines on the way to Refugde de Manganu

There is a slight sting at the very end of the day, as the path towards Refuge de Manganu turns out to be quite steep. Luckily, this final section takes most hikers less than 10 minutes.

The GR20 before reaching Refuge de Manganu
Me standing in front of the final valley before reaching Manganu. Refuge de Manganu can be seen far away in the background.

Refuge de Manganu is located on a rocky outcrop above a river, hikers must cross a footbridge to reach it. The hut has the same fox problem as Hôtel Castel di Vergio, but luckily to a somewhat lesser extent. As it is on a crossroad of hikes, the hut can be somewhat busy and the late arriver will be hard pressed to find a suitable camping spot. Food poisoning lurks for those that mistake the tap water for drinking water. The source that provides drinking water is found somewhere below the showers and is clearly indicated with a sign.

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