To the Inn valley

It’s been 5 days since my last post but it might well be 5 years. Instead of limping towards the Alps Anthony and I are now limping in the Alps. So far we’ve limped our way along the Benediktenwand, back to the Isar river and over the Karwendel range to the Inn valley. Right now we’re in Innsbruck for a well deserved rest day.

Benediktenwand along the Dreamway
Ridgewalking along the Benediktenwand

Along the way we’ve picked up some company in the form of three German hikers: Elena, Genny and Alex. Together we’re a merry bunch of footsore hikers with questionable hygiene. Luckily the appartment we’re renting has a laundry machine…

A merry bunch of hikers on their way to Venice
A merry bunch of hikers on their way to Venice

Hiking through the Karwendel was a pure treat, although the route was at sometimes very exposed and chossy. The hard stretches were sometimes cable protected but due to rockfall the cables were ofttimes blown loose. Not a place to relax. Still, the beautiful scenery somewhat made up for the danger of a violent and imminent death. The scale of the landscape is simply huge. From the valley floor the mountains reach 1500 meter straight up. On top the mountains are bare, with many colours of limestone complementing each other. At times the place feels like the Dolomites, at other times it feels like Yosemite. Amazing.

Climbing to the Schlauchkarsattel along the Dreamway
Climbing to the Schlauchkarsattel in the Karwendel
Birkarspitze in the Karwendel
Birkarspitze in the Karwendel
Looking back on the Karwendel range
Looking back to the Karwendel range from the Lafatscherjoch

Next week we’ll cross the Alpine core with the Tuxertaler and Zillertaler Alpen, but first we get a well deserved restday filled with food (and booze). Cheers!

Fun facts

Blisters: only 1 🙂

Nights spent outdoors (camping or otherwise): 3

Times chased by angry Bavarian farmers: 1

Bathed in rivers: 3

Stones in my shoes: 397

Members lost: 3*

Kilometers hiked: 154

*They’re alive and well. I think.

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  • Thijn Meijer

    Loving the blog posts, I catch myself smiling everytime I read them. Commenting from Budapest. Keep up the good work!

    Thijn (the munich tram guy, but I think you still remember 😉 )

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