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A Trail of Ice and Icecream

Time flies when you’re having fun. Or when you don’t have an internet connection. Let me tell you: from a bloggers perspective, the Venediger-Lasörling Höhenweg is nightmare.

Lasörling Höhenweg I hear you ask? Well hypothetical person: the Lasörling Höhenweg is a logical continuation of the Venediger Höhenweg for the masochists who want to extend their smelly trek just a bit more after. I’ll describe the trek in detail in another post.

Anyway: back to the trek. It was amazing. We finished the Venediger Höhenweg in style by celebrating in the Essener Rostocker Hütte where a very friendly warden allowed me to use his kitchen wares as an improv drumkit. The next morning I woke up early to catch the sunrise in a hidden valley some 20 minutes above the hut. Standing there in the frosted grass and looking out on the glaciers above the valley I could imagine what the world would look like without humanity.

Prehistoric valley above the Essener Rostocker Hütte

Then it was time to descend down to the valley floor and make our way up the Lasörling Gruppe. Patrick and I were in no mood to rush as we enjoyed the lovely scenery coming down. An interesting feature of this particular stretch were the many elderly couples regaling us with stories of their previous travels. Some of them went all over the world. That’s some life goals!

Frosted plants in the morning
Frosted plants in the morning

Another feature was the Islitzingeralm where there were some amazing icecream to be had. Believe me: when you’re going through around 4000 kcal a day, icecream is worth its weight in gold. For me, it was the icecream of the year.

The hike uphill was long and steep but everything is better with icecream so it took us surprisingly little time. That evening, we met three girls going in the other direction. We played cards and watched the Milky Way as it hung above the mountain hut.

Autumn shows itself

The rest of the Lasörling Höhenweg went by quickly. The weather was good but somewhat changeable. Gloomy skies definitely helped my photography as they added drama to the scene. A downside of this was that views of the Venediger Gruppe were limited. A shame, cause it’s amazing, glacier capped range. We also met a very nice Dutch couple going the same direction as us. The last days, we frequently passed eachother on the way and it was nice to exchange jokes and stories over diner.

Fog on the Zupalkogel

The last morning I again dragged myself out of bed so catch the sunrise. It was a beautiful farewel as clouds filled the valley below while the icy peaks of the Venediger Gruppe popped just above the cover.

How is this for a morning view?

Anyway, right now I’m in the train back home. I can’t wait to wash my current clothes/rags and to sleep in a proper bed again! Tomorrow I’ll pass up on the sunrise and will just sleep till I wake up on my own volition. So heavenly! For now, I’ve still got some hours to go before it’s my stop. I’ll spend the time listening to music as the landscape slowly changes to the Dutch flatlands I call home. Goodbye Alps, it’s been a pleasure!

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