A perfect day

Sometimes everything unexpectedly falls into place. It is these moments that you’ll later look back on when you’re at home and all of the other memories are already fading away a little. Though rare, these are the days that make hiking long distances worthwile. What follows is a description of such a day. I’ll keep it short, to avoid making you, the reader, too jealous.

We started out from the village of Stein on a dirt road passing fields and barns untill we reached a small path climbing through lush forrest past a rushing stream. We crossed a bridge and climbed into a wild and grassy valley. There was a huge glacier at the head of the valley. We turned a corner to find a second glacier in a hidden side valley.

Glaciers hanging off the side of the Hochfeiler along the Dreamway
Glaciers hanging off the side of the Hochfeiler

We then crossed a pass, went down to a lake at 2400 meter where we skinnydipped. Further down we saw the first sight of the Dolomites. We arrived found an alm where we had fresh goats milk and cheese. We were surrounded by huge, green mountains that rose well over 1200 meter from the valley floor.

First view of the Dolomites along the Dreamway
First view of the Dolomites

The day ended with a litre of Radler to make the world feel warm and fuzzy around the edges (yes, I know, I feel the effects of alcohol rather quickly). The perfect way to end a perfect day, cheers!

Jenny hiking up a wild valley along the Dreamway
Jenny hiking up a wild valley

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